Deliver Amazing Shopping Experiences. Everywhere.

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SYNQY allows marketers to share their amazing, engaging and interactive brand experiences within retailer, independent dealer, blogger and other key influencer websites.

SYNQY delivers the brand impact you need at the point of sale.

The cloud-based platform packages up those cool brand experiences into what we call “SYNQYs”  – which are essentially intelligent digital touch points. These SYNQYs are placed onto retailer websites to improve your marketing at the point of sale.



The SYNQY Brand Engagement Platform is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to package powerful, high-impact micro-experiences and deliver them directly into retailer sites. The secret is SYNQY connects manufacturers to consumers across their downstream partners in one unified network that allows for complete control and effortless handling.

checkmarkRun any kind of web-based content from videos, HTML 5, PDFs and more

checkmarkDeliver right to the retailers’ digital product shelf on desktop and mobile

checkmarkReal-time updates without changing any code

checkmarkTrack performance with every location

checkmarkAchieve a consistent brand experience across different site technologies and devices – yet customizable for unique third party site requirements

checkmarkManage the whole network of end points from one dashboard


SYNQYs are intelligent touch points that deliver engaging pithy experiences. A network of these intelligent touch points can be shared and controlled anywhere along the path to purchase – on your site, on your retailer and reseller sites, in articles and blogs, in trade show sites and more. Because each brand engagement is very targeted and focused, we call these brand engagements “micro-experiences.”

Check out these micro-experience examples of SYNQYs used to improve the quality of shopping for consumer packaged goods and for electronic products

Benefits for Brands


Better brand engagement

Enhance your brand presence by delivering persuasive brand experiences across hundreds or thousands of additional sites


Tell your story more persuasively

Improve your engagement quality and engagement time with targeted, emotional product messages and experiences


Superior performance

Increase intent to purchase and sales by giving shoppers the compelling information at the moment of truth


Create impact with digital POP

Cross sell and upsell more effectively by leveraging additional marketing space and presence at the point of sale

Benefits for Retailers


Enhance customer experience

Make your shopper’s experience amazing by delivering the information they want without cluttering their experience


Keep shoppers on your site longer

Eliminate the need for shoppers to leave your site to find product information from manufacturer or competitive reseller websites


Increase your conversion rates

Proven to increase add to cart rates and sales lift – both online and in-store


Monetize your pages

Provides the opportunity to charge promotional merchandising fees to manufacturers for the privilege of running POP on your site