Introducing the first real-time shopper marketing platform trusted by trusted brands.

Connect brands with shoppers directly in your store.

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Accelerate the Purchase Process

Create impact in ways that matter. Especially your bottom line.

Increase Engagement

SYNQY creates 50x more opportunities to convert, engage or persuade than traditional online marketing vehicles.

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Reduce abandonment rates by up to 56% by providing shoppers what they need, when they need it.

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Know more. Optimize faster and win more business through SYNQY’s powerful and unique analytics.

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Easy to Activate. Easy to Implement.

1. Drop in One Line of Code

Adding SYNQY to a website, social page and more only requires copying and pasting a single line of code. That’s it.

2. Add Great Content

Adding content couldn’t be easier: simply drag & drop or paste a url or embed code to input any type of content – promotional offers, brand stories, social content – and any call to action.

3. See It Deliver

SYNQY provides the capability for real-time marketing. Easily track, test and update for optimal results in just seconds. No IT required.

SYNQY Works Everywhere

Create impact in ways that matter. Especially your bottom line.


Win more projects by improving the results of your online shopper marketing programs.



Get prospects to start shopping with you earlier, stay longer and buy more.



Increase retail presence and sell-through with shopper experiences.