SYNQY is not like most embeddable elements. Content from multiple places can be integrated inside a SYNQY. Think of it as a meta-embed code where multiple embed codes can be put inside. This allows for some pretty cool capabilities:


  • Update the inside content without having to update the code already placed on a reseller’s website
  • Migrate from one content platform to another without any interruptions with partners
  • Combine content from multiple platforms into one sharable experience


SYNQY provides unique benefits for companies wishing to distribute video content to reseller channels or other trade partners. Because SYNQY acts like a meta-embed code,  you can update your content without ever having your retailers have to update the embed code again. For example, one customer is using SYNQY to update videos when license agreements with actors and actresses expire – without the dealer network having to worry about it.


SYNQY is also helpful when you want to switch video providers and not disrupt the channel. Another unique benefit of SYNQY in the video domain is the ability to make the top image that users click on anything you want (it doesn’t have to be a video player image).


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Daily Motion

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SYNQY can be used to deliver PDFs either natively or from a multitude of vendors. SYNQY is the only platform that allows the merger of PDFs, videos and other rich-media content all in one embeddable element.


Easily publish your PDFs online and turn them into beautiful, online publications that work on any device.

Instant Flipbook

Convert PDF Files to Flipbook within minutes. Transform your print catalogs, magazines, brochures and more into stunning online flipbooks!

Landing Page Apps

SYNQYs can be used to deliver landing pages and interactive pages that deliver guided discover and more.

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Interactive Campaigns

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