Late Is Only Slightly Better Than Never

Latency of messaging in new product rollouts

It’s an exciting time. You’re about to start your fancy new $15 million product launch. Your marketing campaign is polished and effective. The sales force is primed and ready to go. You build a fantastic launch plan. You push the go button and nothing happens at the cash register. The product doesn’t fly off the shelf.


One common reason is you’re not getting your marketing message into the hands, and more importantly, the websites of your resellers. This is what Nielsen calls “Findability.” If you are like most companies, your retailers take forever to put your new product information on their websites. You call, you push, you prod, yet the problem continues over days, weeks and months. Put this in perspective. There are 52 weeks a year. Every week a reseller doesn’t have the product on their site could reduce sales by roughly 2%. Each week! It doesn’t take long to really harm a new product launch.

Has this happened to you? If not, you are lucky that you’ve been spared. It is a very common occurrence that strikes virtually every company that launches products through reseller networks.

The good news is you can do something about it.

The online real estate land grab

How do you do it? The secret is real estate – reseller website real estate. You need to capture a piece of real estate on your reseller websites. Take a look at this website below. What has happened is the brand (in this case, Kenwood) has asked the dealers to put a piece of content on their website to promote their product.


What is unique about this content is that the content isn’t a static image, it’s a dynamic micro-experience that is connected to and controlled by the brand. It’s a portal – allowing content to flow from the brand to that location and ones like it on reseller websites. Every time the manufacturer changes the product marketing, the promotional offering or some other persuasive element, that piece of content is updated, instantaneously. Essentially, the reseller has given the manufacturer a permanent marketing location (i.e. real estate) on their ecommerce or dealer website for brands to use to market their products more effectively.

Having this interactive real estate solves a multitude of problems.

  1. Zero Latency. With a dynamic piece of real estate that is upgradeable by the brand, this means that each new marketing program is instantly rolled out – ensuring the biggest potential impact when it matters most – at the start of the new product or promotion efforts.
  2. Automation. Using the right tool such, as SYNQY, can eliminate all the labor and coordination costs with putting content onto the reseller’s websites. Once the first piece of content is placed on the site, the manufacturer automatically provides all future updates and no human intervention by the sales team or the resellers is needed.
  3. No Nagging. Most reps have to constantly nag their retailers and independent distributors and dealers to put new product information on the website and keep the site current over time as campaigns change, etc. With SYNQY on the site, it eliminates all this negative communication between resellers and manufacturers. One rep at a Global 500 company said it best. “If SYNQY’s on my reseller’s site, it’s off my mind.” Basically, he was saying that if the reseller has placed the SYNQY, then all the marketing is in the hands of corporate communications and I as a rep am no longer responsible for this manual, annoying task.


So, get rid of the latency and make your new product promotions soar.