SYNQY is first and foremost a technology company. We spend our days building the most advanced technology designed to simplify the path to purchase. That’s why we love working with and partnering with all kinds of agencies. We focus on what we do best and partner with the top marketers who focus on what they do best.


JDA Retail Ready Design

JDA specializes in supporting companies’ branding and retail efforts with a Unified Omnichannel Marketing approach to touchpoints online, on-shelf and in-print. They help build integrated engaging brand messaging throughout the purchase process to create brand advocates for your products and services.


SureFire Social

Surefire Social is an Inc. 5000 Local Marketing Cloud platform. SureFire Social help brands that connect to the market through affiliates optimize their digital ROI with an advanced AI data analytics and campaign management platform.

The ICN Group

The ICN team has an average of 20 years of experience in building successful businesses, launching new products and marketing campaigns in CPG, Consumer Electronics, Pharma and Technology. They understand the importance of having the right strategy and insights before making that next big investment and, with over 200 consulting and research projects completed, The ICN Group can tailor a turnkey program for each customer’s exact requirements.


Sequoia Technologies IMS

Sequoia Internet Marketing Solutions was founded to help businesses become agile, flexible and mobile in today’s digital world. The boutique marketing agency leverages advanced Internet technologies and search engine optimization to create cutting-edge strategies and business solutions for its clients.


The Adams+Taylor design principle is simple: The best design doesn’t call attention to itself. It calls attention to the client. Its work gives you a leg up in achieving the results that spell success for you and your business.  For 20 years, Adams + Taylor has followed that principle in working with more than 100 companies worldwide, from Internet start-ups, technology, and consumer electronics to travel and transportation, food and beverage, and packaged goods.



Simpactful is a new CPG/Retail Consulting Firm. A network of the industry’s best and brightest who have come together after recently leading, innovating, and making their own impact at top corporations. As a powerful team, they offer experience with depth and breadth across many consumer product business functions and all leading and emerging retailers and channels.


Over the past decade, BrandStoria has worked with and consulted to a wide range of agencies, global brands and startups including Benetton Sportsystem, Spalding, Zagat Survey, University of Pennsylvania, Forefront Records, Barnes & Noble Collegiate, LPGA, Audubon, Womens Sports Foundation and more.