Retail Media Drives Profits

The biggest area of margin growth in the ecommerce business is now retail media — selling ads to the vendors who sell on your platform. Amazon and others are driving all their profitability from such efforts.

The reason is simple. Most ecommerce visitors shop instead of buy. This is the moment when shoppers are most receptive to advertising.

Product listing ads that persuade shoppers

A new advertising network that exclusively delivers product-based ads from brand manufacturers — right next to their products on retail websites.

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Generate Great Results

Generate more revenue from leading brands

Complete Retail Media Solution

SYNQY makes it easy to generate profits right away by providing all the components you need.

Setup and Planning

Optimize the ad platform for your site and use-case

  • Ad location planning
  • Technical implementation (browser & mobile apps)
  • Retailer-specific UX

Enable Sales

Everything you need to sell ads to your vendors

  • Advertiser portal
  • Sales tools to help sell to advertisers
  • Sales training
  • Joint selling

Creative Services

Help your vendors create ads

  • Ad creation services
  • Creative strategy
  • Retailer-specific templates

Advertising Operations

Manage and host the ads without impacting your systems

  • I/O management
  • Media placement
  • Performance tracking
  • Quality assurance
  • Payment processing

Analytics & Reporting

Provide an easy way for advertisers and retailer to see the results

  • Advertiser portal
  • Retailer portal
  • Analytics integration services
  • Quarterly insights meeting
  • Training and interpretation

Ongoing Innovation

Keep the platform current with new innovations

  • Browser & OS Compliance
  • New product development
  • Roadmap of new features

Maximize revenues with native promotional placements

Partner with SYNQY to monetize native promotional slots on the “digital shelf” right next to product listing, coupon, circular and product detail pages. Your manufacturers will pay for increased exposure to product promotional messaging. Why? Because SYNQY delivers – much higher time on site, higher conversion rates and ultimately greater lift. Plus, SYNQY delivers both in web rooming (pre-store visit shopping) and ensuring show rooming (in-store online shopping) happens on your website only.

Monitize your Pages

Provides the opportunity to charge promotional merchandising fees to manufacturers for the privilege of running POP on your site

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Proven to increase add to cart rates and sales lift – both online and in-store

Enhance Your Customer Experiences

Make your shopper’s experience amazing by delivering the information they want without cluttering their experience

Keep More Shoppers

Eliminate the need for shoppers to leave your site to find product information from manufacturer or competitive reseller websites

If you want to grow your business quickly, there's no better way that to start working with SYNQY. Send us a note or just add yourself to our calendar for a quick demonstration on how SYNQY can help you win more business.

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