A new generation of retail media

beyond Sponsored Search

SYNQY Retail Media is a suite of products that enable brands to speak to shoppers in their own voice using rich, powerful media on retail e-commerce sites.

Enhanced Product Listings

Overlay rich media (video or other) on organic product listings such as PLPs, PDPs, Brand Pages and more

Video in Search

Display inline autoplay videos of your product in a search results page

BrandVoice™ Product Content

Animated product content for Product Detail Pages and EPLs

Solutions Beyond Sponsored Search

Sponsored search is the best way for brands to elevate their products to the most highly visible locations on an e-commerce page. SYNQY’s Retail Media Solutions takes products to the next level by enabling brands to speak to customers in their own voice using video and other forms of rich media. 

Retailers Generate New Profits and Delight Shoppers

With SYNQY Retail Media Solutions, every product on a search page becomes a monetizable ad unit. Let the ad inventory on your most trafficked pages generate profits. Monetize it by providing useful product information that shoppers engage with and enjoy seeing.

Advertisers, Take Advantage of Every Buy-Ready Moment

Shoppers on an e-commerce page are closer to purchasing than at any other time. This is your opportunity to convince shoppers, using your own brand’s voice, that your product is the right choice.

Case Studies

What are our customers excited about?  Read our case studies and how we solved real world problems with SYNQY

What’s Our Story

Find out more about the history of the company, who we are, and what we’re passionate about.

Who’s advertising using SYNQY’s Retail Media Solution?

Some of the best known brands using SYNQY Retail Media Solutions to promote their products.

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