Speak to Shoppers in Your Own Voice

One of the challenges for advertisers with e-commerce is the homogenous nature of a retailer’s site. All product listings need to conform to the site’s design and templates. The entire suite of SYNQY products are designed to highlight a product’s unique features, benefits, and artistic expression in a meaningful and engaging way. Just like in the physical store where advertisers use end caps and other methods to attract attention to their products, brands must do the same thing in the e-commerce aisle. SYNQY enables brands to do that in an elegant, non-intrusive manner.

Advertisers use the SYNQY suite of products to:

  • Launch new products with a features video or microsite
  • Provide recipes or other use cases inspiring different reasons for shoppers to buy a product
  • Highlight seasonal promotions
  • Reinforce brand equity with video or other rich media
  • Showcase competitive advantages of products

Enhanced Product Listings

Bring products to life by overlaying videos and other rich media on products, wherever they show up on a retailer’s site – PLPs, PDPs, Brand Pages, Home Pages, etc. Shoppers are given the opportunity to engage with your brand in a meaningful way.

Video in Search:

Unlike a banner ad, Video in Search content plays right within the results of a search and is highly relevant to the search. Video in Search is an auction based ad unit and provides the perfect opportunity to place your product in a highly trafficked location.

BrandVoice™ Product Content

Product detail pages are inflexible. The images are static and flat and formats follow a fixed, retailer defined template, with no ability to make a brand’s product stand out from others. BrandVoice™ Product Content changes that by providing a brand the ability to add animation, custom fonts, and brand colors. It is much like creating a store within the store, where shoppers get the best product experience within their online store.

Nobody knows the unique selling proposition of a product better than the advertiser. By empowering brands to use that content on the retailer site directly, they can imaginatively communicate their message, while enhancing the shoppers’ experience.

Self Serve Platform

The SYNQY platform was built from the ground up to be a self service platform, giving advertisers complete control over their advertising spend. SYNQY provides a portal for all advertisers to upload videos and other content to create campaigns, monitor, and optimize them if needed.

Campaign Creation:

Define the length of your campaign, budget limits, upload videos or even a microsite, search the retailer’s catalog and select which products to promote.

Real-Time Analytics:

Campaigns happen in real-time, so should your analytics. Advertisers can check a campaign’s effectiveness on the fly. No more having to request a report from the retailer sales team, await a response, and then request that same team to make adjustments. If you notice something that’s not working with your campaign, just pause it and make adjustments.

Different reports for different advertiser stakeholders:

  • Campaign Results: Keep track of spend, is your campaign causing sales, how many shoppers are clicking, when did the clicks occur, what’s the average CPC
  • Performance Results: How many units did a campaign influence, Sales Lift %, and ROAS
  • Page Insights: How did campaign perform on various page types on the site, what was the CTR, number of clicks?
  • Budget Spend: How much of your budget have you used and what are the estimated number of days left on the campaign?
  • Next Actions: How effective was the campaign in moving the shopper along the shopper journey? How did it increase add to carts, how many went to the detail page for more info, how many clicked on reviews, etc.
  • Video Engagment: What percentage of shoppers completed 25, 50, 75, or 100% of a video

Manage Campaigns:

Real-time analytics inform brands as to how they might want to optimize campaigns in real time. If your campaign isn’t measuring up to your expectations, go ahead and pause it so you won’t get charged. Turn it back on when you’ve fixed the issue.

Used By Leading Brands

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