Privacy Preferences

SYNQY respects the privacy of our users. We intentionally limit the use of personally identifiable information in the delivery of our service or content, and strive to be good stewards of the data you provide.

While we limit the amount of personal information about our users, we do use geolocation services based on device settings or ip address to review the efficacy of and improve the delivery of our service and content, and may share or “sell” this information to our partners within the SYNQY Advertising Network.

If you wish us not to store this or other personally identifiable information, you may explicitly instruct us by:


  1. Setting your device’s Do Not Track setting. We attempt to respect the do not track settings of common devices and browsers.
  2. Instruct our partner(s) of your intent. In some cases, our parter networks provide a method for opting out of personal information sharing. We will honor this request where it is available.
  3. Enable the SYNQY Do Not Track Cookie. SYNQY provides a cookie-based request to not store personal information both in the SYNQY applications, and by clicking here.
  4. Submit a “Do Not Sell” Request. You may send an email to, leave a toll-free voicemail with your name, email, phone number, and specifics of your request at 1-888-407-3714 or completing the form below:

    Please notify me of the categories of personal information you have collected from me over the past 12 months.Please “do not sell” any personal information you have collected from me over the past 12 months.