Leadership Team

The SYNQY team brings a wealth of marketing and technological expertise


Michael Weissman

Chief Executive

Michael has run six companies, generated over $700 million in revenue growth over his 30-year career, and also advised Apple, Amazon, and Adobe. He helped create a $190m exit.


Nik Chanda

Chief Technical Officer

Nik has built over 45 large scale solutions for companies such as Safeway, Bank of America, Virgin and many others. He has 15 years building world-class channel automation and content syndication solutions. He holds 3 patents.


John Hoye

Chief Revenue Officer

John spent his career building start-up sales organizations and has generated over $50 million in revenue from scratch while working at start-ups. His exits have exceeded $4B.

Mark Sewell

Mark Sewell

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark is SYNQY’s newest executive. He just had a $140m exit with an ecommerce SaaS business. Prior to that, he was CEO of a public company and had managed large marketing functions for industry leaders.