New Merger: Your Ads and the Point of Sale

The New Merger of Your Ads and Point Of Sale Would Make The Ads Better

There’s a big change happening right now at the cash register. It’s merging with advertising, and you will want in.

In an outstanding article in the Atlantic, writer Alexis Madrigal correctly identifies this big change going on in the internet. He writes:

“It’s there where the two great data streams of the modern world flow together: what people do on their phones and what they buy in the physical world. In the first stream, the tech one, the rule is that data becomes money, after it is fed into machine-learning systems tuned to show you better ads. In the other, the data is money. If these two streams fully merged, a company could have a perfect ledger of what you saw and then everything you bought. The ads would get better, so you’d buy more stuff, and in buying more stuff, you’d make the ads better.”

At SYNQY, we believe in this integration. We built our entire company around it. We believe relevant ads delivered in the retail store will be accepted more than ads that are delivered outside the retail store. We find this to be true in practice. Some SYNQY customers already achieve click through rates that exceed 20% – this is over 200x higher than typical Internet ads. Moreover, ads that take place in-store don’t require invading consumer privacy to be effective.

Stay tuned because this trend is only just beginning.