It’s to change how Products are marketed

Digital advertising is going through a tumultuous change and smart marketers recognize great benefits from shifting dollars from traditional digital marketing to retail media. Yet, most just want to profitably sell more products, not end up in a bidding war over sponsored listings.

We felt there was a better way to profitably grow sales without harming the shopping experience. Wouldn’t it be better to give shoppers the information they need, exactly when they need it, in the place they are looking for it?

Introducing Enhanced Product Listings

A better, more affordable way to grow your sales

Only Pay for Lift

No upfront payment

Only pay after the results are achieved

Buy Media with Zero Waste

Only market to actual prospects

No wasting money on non-buyers

Pay no price premium

No bidding wars for scarce ad locations

Pay for real results

Never waste money on marketing that doesn’t get seen

Proven to Work

24% net sales lift

Average increase in net incremental sales

16x conversion rate

Average increase in end-to-end conversions

15x more detail page visits

Average increase in visits to the detail pages

A Better Kind Of Retail Media

Enhanced Product Listings show your persuasive content to more shoppers, in a better way

Enhanced Product Listings

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Win earlier in the funnel

Beat your competitors by Influencing shoppers earlier in the sales funnel where 80% of the product decisions are made

Reach 5-10x more shoppers

Run on every relevant listing, search results, coupon, catalog, flyer and detail page

Build emotional connections

Transform listings into interactive brand showcases that connect with shoppers

Better persuasion

Engage, inform, inspire, and close more shoppers with videos and interactive content

How is It Different

Wider impact Enhanced Product Listings Sponsored Listings Banner Ads
SKU-level product marketing  
Accelerates adding the product to the cart  
Runs on every listing, everywhere - including sponsored listings    
Enhances the listing Enhanced Product Listings Sponsored Listings Banner Ads
Tells any kind of persuasive story    
Helps shoppers make informed decisions    
Fair for vendors Enhanced Product Listings Sponsored Listings Banner Ads
Fully attributable sales
Big companies and small companies treated equally    
No scarcity premiums    
Simple to buy and manage Enhanced Product Listings Sponsored Listings Banner Ads
No bidding or keyword complexities    
No demographic targeting required    

Take Advantage of Every Buy-Ready Moment

The exact information shoppers seek, while they shop

When It Matters

Help shoppers discover why to buy your product at the moment they’re most receptive

Where It Matters

Maximize your persuasion — everywhere your product appears

Why It Matters

It’s the simplest way to increase sales. The shoppers are ready. Now convince them

Tell Your Story, Your Way

You now have the freedom to tell your brand and product stories in a way that works for you, when and where it works for you. An Enhanced Product Listing can deliver many different types of content:

Path-to-Purchase (P2P)

Influence along the customer journey

Interactive Configurator

Make your engagements responsive

New Product Launch

Supercharge new product introductions


Promote the bargains


Recipes that influence


Promote with passion

Cause Marketing

Messaging with a cause

Detail Page

Bring emotional persuasion to detail pages

Lower Your Costs

Stop wasting money

More Affordable

Never compete for space, so no inflated costs due to listing bidding wars

Eliminate the cost of complexity

No need to hire experts. Requires no targeting, real time bidding, keyword analysis, or demographic profiling

Enhanced Product Listings Create Better Shopping Experiences


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