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Amazon has taught the industry that ecommerce profits come from selling media (ads) on ecommerce sites. If you’re like many retailers, you want those profits too, but are worried about hurting your shopping experience. 

We agree. So, we set out to fix it. We built the best retail media platform by creating a great consumer experience for your shoppers, while building a sustainable profit stream for you.

Generate New Profits and Delight Your Shoppers

Most of your traffic happens on listings and search results pages. Why don’t you move persuasive content to where the traffic is?

Monetize Your Listing Pages

See a Few for Yourself

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Create Better Shopping Experiences

Keeps the product listing within view — not pushed down by banners 

Protects your organic search result prioritization

Lets shoppers stay focused on products they’re interested in

Helps shoppers more quickly discover products they want 

Excites, educates and engages shoppers

Delivers pages more quickly — not delayed by ad platforms or rich media

Protects consumer privacy

But…do it in a smart way for your vendors

Only Charge For Lift

  • Guarantees a ROI — first of its kind
  • Makes it easy to justify the program
  • Gets funded out of revenue growth
  • Every SKU can be enhanced

Supercharge Persuasiveness

  • Listings transform into interactive brand showcases
  • Emotional connections are made directly with shoppers
  • Shoppers get convinced to buy

Easy for Vendors to Participate

  • Program is funded by the sales lift
  • Runs on their product listings — no competition for locations
  • Self-service portal to upload their content 
  • Simple to use — no bidding or complex targeting
  • Automated reporting

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Better Retail Economics

Improves Your Top Line

Increases your online (and offline) sales

Better shopper experiences result in higher conversion rates and greater sales lift

Monetizes your product listings

Charge vendors for the sales lift SYNQY enables

Drives higher conversion rates

Deliver more persuasive content earlier in the sales funnel

Improves Your Bottom Line

Lowers start-up costs

Leverages a ready-to-use platform. No need to customize or build your own retail media platform

Lowers selling costs

Eliminates the need for expensive digital media sales experts

Lowers operating costs

Costs to store, manage, deliver and report are included in SaaS fees

Simpler for Retailers to Implement

Easy to deploy

No back-end IT integration needed, so you can be up and running in less than an hour

Easy to sell

Simplify the pitch by selling lift with a guaranteed ROI, instead of complicated ads

Easy to use

Vendors use a self-service platform to upload content and manage it themselves

Easy to justify

Vendors know exactly what is working best, never pay a premium, and only pay after it works

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