Monetize More of Your Site

85% of retailer’s e-commerce pages are not monetized. Start generating more ad revenue without sacrificing e-commerce real estate.

Enhanced Product Listings

Most retailers don’t realize that every product on an e-commerce page is a monetizable ad unit. Retailers can add Enhanced Product Listings (EPLs) to every product while not interrupting the shopper’s experience–in fact, it enhances their experience. 

Furthermore, while other ad unit types push organic content lower on the page, which can annoy shoppers, EPLs overlay an opt-in call to action right on the product itself. You’re not losing valuable real estate but providing a net benefit to the shopper.

Video in Search

Video in Search is a highly monetizable, auction based ad unit. Autoplay videos are placed inline on a search results page. Because it is placed inline, and it is highly relevant to the shopper’s search, results are phenomenal.

BrandVoice™ Product Content

Nobody knows the unique selling proposition of any product better than your advertisers. But, all too often, our site continuity initiatives strip away this voice — leaving shoppers to find their “why-to-buy” somewhere else.

Many brands have already invested in similar pages, and are forced to dilute their advertising budgets to point to an off-site microsite. By empowering them to use that content on the product site directly, retailers can capture that spend, while enhancing the shoppers’ experience and capturing the “time on site” metrics.

The SYNQY BrandVoice™ Product Content application empowers advertisers to talk directly to their shoppers in their own voice, using their own graphics, fonts, and color schemes — create a store within the store, where shoppers get the best product experience within their online store.


SYNQY’s suite of products will not affect site performance because the content is loaded after a page is fully displayed and interactive.

Used By Leading Retailers​ & Solution Providers


The implementation is simple and requires minimal effort. Your team will not be tied up for weeks integrating code. We utilize a light integration approach which allows your team to stay focused on other priorities. Most of the work is on SYNQY’s side to implement both the ad platform and self-serve portal.


As a retail media provider you’ll want to know how your advertisers campaigns are performing, as well as how much they are spending by brand. You’ll also want to know how your retail media team is performing.  

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