Speak to the Shopper in Your Brand Voice

SYNQY’s suite of products are designed to help advertisers promote their brands on retailer sites using dynamic, rich content. We call this “speaking to the shopper in their own brand’s voice”. This allows the brand to advertise in the most trafficked areas of an e-commerce site – the Product Listing Pages, and every other place the product shows up – Product Detail Pages, Brand Pages, Home Pages, etc.

Enhanced Product Listings:

Every product placement on an e-commerce site is an opportunity to promote that product. Enhanced Product Listings enable brands to overlay videos, and other rich media, even microsites, directly on products. Promote products with recipes, how to’s, why-to-buys, special offers, seasonal promotions, etc.

Video in Search:

Insert autoplay videos directly into a search page while the shopper is browsing. Unlike a banner ad, Video in Search videos play within the search results automatically.

BrandVoice™ Product Content

Product detail pages are inflexible. The images are static and flat and formats follow a fixed, retailer defined template, with no ability to make a brand’s product stand out from others. BrandVoice™ Product Content changes all that with the ability to add animation, custom fonts, and brand colors.

Self Serve Platform

The SYNQY platform is built from the ground up as an easy-to-use, self-serve platform for both Advertisers and Retailers. Our mission is to be transparent and to empower brands. In addition, the platform enables users to monitor their campaigns and optimize them throughout the campaign.

Create an Order:

Our intuitive interface allows you to upload videos, attach microsites, define budget limits, and set start and end dates for your campaign.

Real-Time Analytics:

Campaigns happen in real-time, so should your analytics. Advertisers and retailers can check a campaigns effectiveness on the fly.  No more having to request a report from the retailer sales team and awaiting a response.

Manage Campaigns:

Real-time analytics inform brands as to how they might want to optimize campaigns in real time.

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