SYNQY Adds Retail Platform Expertise to Executive Team

Pleasant Hill, CA, January 22, 2020 – Retail Advertising innovator, SYNQY has hired Mark Sewell, as its first Chief Marketing Officer, to build out its executive team and grow its global footprint. Mark brings to SYNQY a proven track record of turning enterprise SaaS technologies into must-have platforms for retailers globally.

“Selling ads is the future of retail profitability,” said Michael Weissman, CEO of SYNQY. “Yet, to have a successful media business requires retailers to have a comprehensive, self-serve platform to run that media business end-to-end. Mark is the perfect person to bring that transformative capability to a global retail audience.”

In 2019, SYNQY introduced the SYNQY Persuasion Engine™, the first retail advertising platform to deliver Persuasive Product Ads onto retail websites. This next generation retail media platform has already delivered ads from over 50 world-class brands to millions of shoppers across thousands of retail locations and has helped brands increase their sales by over 20%.

“Amazon has proven that selling advertising is the path to retail profits and every ecommerce player needs to generate significant ad revenues to compete,” said CMO Mark Sewell. “SYNQY is the best positioned company to help retailers make the leap to selling ads. Their third wave of retail ad-tech, complements Banner Ads and Sponsored Listings, and combines the most sustainable ad revenue model with the easiest-to-deploy and manage approach.”

Mark’s 30+ year career includes taking a high growth start-up through IPO, to CEO of a publicly traded company, to significantly increasing sales of Fortune 1000 and other large organizations in industries such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Enterprise Software, and IT Operations & Services. Mark brings significant international sales and marketing skills, having lived and worked in UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, and traded in over 45 countries. Most recently, Mark successfully exited a Cloud-based retail technology start-up, where he led the US and European operations, before the company was acquired for $140M by a U.S. private equity firm.

“Mark brings global operational excellence, a seasoned executive capability, and a proven track record of driving successful exits to the SYNQY management team,” said Weissman.

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About SYNQY Corporation

SYNQY (pronounced sync-ee) is a leader in retail media technology that helps retailers, marketplaces and other commerce application vendors sell advertising on their own websites and mobile applications.

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