The goal of SYNQY is to create a win, win, win shopping experience where the consumers get an amazing experience, the brands can tell their story at the moment of truth and the retailers can more profitably support the business. SYNQY satisfies those goals and more. Below are some case studies that show off how brands have used SYNQY to transform their shelf presence at the point of sale.



ConAgra ran a coupon to encourage shoppers to purchase its new Banquet frozen foods but needed a way to communicate to consumers the key beneficial product changes such as 20% more chicken in their chicken pot pie and their use of 100% natural chicken in their chicken fingers. SYNQY allowed ConAgra to do this in a place the brand had not been able to before — alongside the coupon on Safeway JustForU.


ConAgra experienced a 2.62% engagement rate with its SYNQY and over 4% of engagers watched their entire 31-second promotional video. This resulted in a 64% increase in the coupon clip rate and a 137% increase in shoppers using the coupon to purchase 5 or more Banquet products.







General Mills Nature Valley


General Mills Nature Valley — known for their granola bars — introduced a new line of three cereals and didn’t want shoppers simply passing over the coupon for their cereal, but needed something extra to help persuade buyers to try them. Using SYNQY, General Mills was able to promote their new cereals to shoppers on Safeway JustForU in a fun, to-the-point manner utilizing a banner, animated gif, and short video inside the SYNQY.


SYNQY boosted the clip rate for the Nature Valley cereal coupon by 40% and drove sales by increasing the redemption rate by 38%. Thanks to SYNQY, General Mills saw more shoppers gaining exposure to and trying their new Nature Valley cereals.



Kenwood runs multiple big promotions each year but, like many companies, is always looking for better ways to get their message out to more shoppers. Kenwood has a large network of independent dealers, but often these dealers are slow to place the new promotional content up on their websites and slow to remove out of date promotions, leading to missed opportunities and poor shopper experiences.


With SYNQY, Kenwood is able to manage the promotional content that is delivered to their dealer websites from one central place and instantaneously update every dealer website with one mouse click. Dealers benefit because they don’t have to lift a finger after implementing the SYNQY script and don’t have to worry about their Kenwood promotional content being out of date.


Kenwood benefits in a number of ways. They get to present their brand messaging and experience in the way they want, ensure shoppers across the web on independent dealer sites always have accurate promotional content, and save hundreds of hours a year not having to get their dealers to implement the frequent website updates. Shopper engagement rates with Kenwood promotional SYNQYs are over 3% and these SYNQYs generated over 100 hours of shopper engagement in the second quarter of 2016 alone.









Generac, a leading manufacturer of backup power generation products, realized that buying a generator is a big decision, one that consumers often feel ill-equipped to knowledgeably navigate. Generac decided to use SYNQY to educate consumers at the most relevant point in the path to purchase — when shopping for generators.


Generac’s SYNQYs containing the words “How to choose a generator” or “Find the ideal generator for you” open into a microsite aimed at educating the consumer on how to pick the right generator for their specific needs. Rich media content includes sections on how generators work, what products are offered, and a sizing calculator allowing the user to input their parameters and get a personalized generator recommendation.


Generac achieved an average engagement rate of just over 7.5%  with its SYNQYs on retail partner websites. That average was over 9% on Generac product detail pages, meaning almost 1 in 10 shoppers were looking for more information at the point of purchase. Thanks to SYNQY, Generac had the content there to help customers be confident about choosing their brand and close the sale for the retailer.



Procter & Gamble needed a way to inform Safeway shoppers of their recently released Gillette Fusion Proshield razor cartridge. The only solution to date was banner type ads on grocery sites, but that was only available to one manufacturer at a time in a given month. Gillette planned on running a coupon, but that was only going to display the product image and some text about the coupon offer, nothing about the product itself and the fact that it was new.


Gillette discovered they could use SYNQY to enhance their coupon offer in such a way that whenever their product was displayed in Safeway’s JustForU site, it displayed a call to action that when clicked would display rich content coming directly from Gillette. The SYNQY itself showcased the new product and tagline as well as two videos about the new product that were also used in other channels such as television as part of a national advertising campaign. This was the first time that Gillette was able to communicate its brand in a consistent way to consumers across channels whenever their product was displayed. Consumers responded positively, engaging an average of more than 20 seconds each with Gillette’s brand content. Gillette’s SYNQY successfully raised consumer interest, boosting the coupon redemption rate by 66%.









SiriusXM wanted to advertise their “2 Ways To Save” rebate to customers on retail websites, but how to ensure that the content would be removed in a timely manner after the promotion ends? Enter SYNQY. SYNQY allows SiriusXM to display and have control over their content on websites they don’t own while at the same time ensuring that users stay on the retailer’s website.


With SYNQY, SiriusXM can ensure that users across the web don’t continue seeing the promotion advertised after it ends. Dealers and retail websites also save time and manpower by not having to monitor the SiriusXM promotions calendar and manually remove the promotion after it ends.


Across its network, SiriusXM saw users engage with its 2 Ways To Save promotion content at a 13% engagement rate! Many of the SYNQYs were placed on product details pages for SiriusXM products, meaning the content was highly relevant to the shopper and was able to positively impact their buying decision at the point of purchase.



Procter & Gamble’s Tide brand was releasing a new product — Tide purclean, the first bio-based detergent — and needed a way to raise awareness and educated shoppers to the benefits of using it. Typical retail websites have limited product information and coupon sites even less, but with SYNQY P&G was able to capture shoppers’ attention about the new product.


After clicking on the SYNQY placed in the product’s coupon area on Safeway JustForU, shoppers were treated to a video and informative, illustrated content that covered everything from what bio-based means to how well it works and how environmentally-friendly the product creation process is. With SYNQY, P&G was able to convey the brand messaging they wanted, how they wanted, to shoppers who were thinking about clipping and using the product’s coupon.


With this targeted reach of customers, P&G garnered well over 100 hours of shopper engagement and saw a 141% increase in brand consideration in the 5 weeks it ran on Safeway’s JustForU.