SYNQY Enhanced Product Listings Chosen by DatMean

Centerpiece of Digital Advertising Innovator’s Retail Media Strategy

April 27th 2021 — Pleasant Hill, CA — SYNQY Corporation, a leading retail media technology company and inventor of Enhanced Product Listings (EPLs) announced today a partnership with DatMean, a leading data and audience marketing company based in Madrid, Spain. SYNQY’s technology is the first retail media solution to improve and boost the shopping experience, provide a new revenue stream for retailers, and align the interests of the retailer and their brands. In the deal, DatMean will commercialize SYNQY’s Retail Media offering in Spain, Portugal and major Latam markets through an exclusive collaboration.

SYNQY’s Enhanced Product Listings are the first retail media to help brands promote their products on listing and search results, the most critical moment of the customer journey. Unlike sponsored listings, this trade marketing platform uses rich media ads to influence shoppers, increasing sales by over 10% on average and doubling visitor return rates.

“The SYNQY solution is a real breakthrough in retail media and retailers love it,” said Jose Luis Valdivielso, CEO and co-founder of DatMean. “Enhanced Product Listings are exactly what advertisers have been craving. Brands want to influence the shopper’s product choice with persuasive content right before the shopper makes the product decision. Only SYNQY provides that capability.”

Through this agreement, DatMean will enable retailers to quickly add highly profitable advertising revenue to their ecommerce presence. EPLs are easy to implement and SYNQY’s ad platform is highly scalable, allowing any e-commerce retailer to complement its existing online advertising or take its first steps in the world of Retail Media, all without technological developments or large investments in time or money.

“DatMean brings deep digital advertising knowledge, data and expertise to the table,” said Michael Weissman, CEO of SYNQY. “DatMean combines their data and local market expertise with SYNQY’s innovative retail media platform to deliver real value to retailers across important Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets.”

This agreement is part of the DatMean Retail Media Solutions project that the company has been developing for the last 2 years. It reinforces DatMean’s commitment to innovation and the creation of novel solutions for electronic commerce players in the region.

“SYNQY is opening up a whole new revenue stream for retailers and expanding retail media to a much wider group of likely advertisers,” said the DatMean CEO.

About SYNQY Corporation

SYNQY is a retail media technology leader that helps retailers and marketplaces monetize the exact moment when shoppers are deciding what to buy. SYNQY’s patented technology is used by over a hundred retailers and the largest advertisers in the world.

About DatMean

DatMean is a leader in audience marketing technology. Founded in 2016 in Spain, DatMean’s mission is to accompany brands to the next level of digital communication, allowing companies to better understand their customers and users, and communicate with them through strategies based on relevant data and technology. And helping retailers and publishers for the first time open a new revenue stream by monetizing their audience in an open and secure model.

DatMean has developed Europe’s first and only 2ndParty data marketplace, aroa©, a unique platform that allows millions of high-quality deterministic data to be aggregated, curated and analyzed in real time, and integrated into the digital ecosystem so that it is easily and immediately available.

Thanks to this patented technology, DatMean ensures operational excellence, relevance and scalability in a transparent and fully GDPR compliant way.

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