SYNQY Upends Advertising World with a New Class of Retail Media

Enhanced Product Listings Guarantee Unprecedented 4x Return on Ad Spend

October 5, 2020 — Pleasant Hill, CA — SYNQY today announced a breakthrough new class of ecommerce retail media called Enhanced Product Listings, effectively turning the obsolete and inefficient $25B retail media industry on its head.  SYNQY’s Enhanced Product Listings (EPLs) are interactive pieces of product content that transform product listings into impactful moments of persuasion. The enhanced content is delivered at the exact place and decision-making moment the shopper is most receptive to the message – resulting in an astonishing quadrupling of retail media monetization versus traditional sponsored listings.

EPLs are the first new class of retail media since sponsored listings began running on retailer sites a decade ago. EPLs transform the retail media experience for every stakeholder from shoppers themselves to media buyers and vendors to retailers.

  1. Shopper Benefits: SYNQY’s Enhanced Product Listings are the first retail media to protect or even enhance the shopper’s experience. This protects the retailer from the intrusive, negative effects of traditional ad platforms.
  2. Media Buyer/Vendor Benefits: The EPL platform is so efficient and effective, the media is priced with a first-of-its-kind guaranteed 4x return on ad spend (GROAS), thereby guaranteeing that every media buy will be profitable. With a locked-in and guaranteed ROI, SYNQY provides the only retail media platform in history to actually eliminate the risk of buying media. Media buyers only pay for sales lift, not for risky, ineffective promotions. Buying EPLs is also easier than other ads because they eliminate the typical need for bidding engines, keyword buying, and demographic targeting. It’s so simple, any trade rep can now simply buy sales lift without a Ph.D. in digital marketing.
  3. Retailer Benefits: SYNQY is the easiest way for retailers to get into retail media. The company dramatically simplifies the process whereby retailers deploy and manage their own retail media business. EPL’s are delivered by the SYNQY Persuasion Engine™, a white label, self-service SaaS platform that eliminates retail media waste – driving more efficiency for brands and higher profit margins for retailers.

“SYNQY Enhanced Product Listings disrupt the retail media space and are proven to drive exceptional results for all involved,” said SYNQY CEO, Michael Weissman. “We’ve eliminated all the complexity, waste and negative shopper experiences inherently caused by existing retail media solutions.”

On average, EPLs deliver a 32% increase in retailer gross margins and a 24% increase in net sales lift for vendors. By delivering the enhanced content when and where the shoppers want it and are most likely to respond to it, EPL click through rates (CTRs) are over 10% on average and can even exceed 20%. No other media has ever delivered this level of brand engagement.

Backed by $8 million in funding and armed with three granted U.S. Patents, SYNQY is best positioned to help retailers capture the $48 billion of incremental ad spending expected to flow into retail media per year by 2024. SYNQY runs on over 120 retail sites today. It has served ads to over 25 million consumers and been used by leading advertisers including Unilever, Pepsi, Starbucks, Canon, SiriusXM and more.

About SYNQY Corporation

SYNQY is a leader in retail media technology that helps retailers, marketplaces and other commerce application vendors sell advertising on their own websites and mobile applications. The company works with major retailers and tier one brands.

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